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Diagnostic Reagents and Kits
Serum Free Light Chain Assay
Autoimmune Diagnostics using IFA
Autoimmune Diagnostics using ELISA
Infectious Diseases Serology
Catecholamines/ Neuroscience
Molecular Diagnostics Kits
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Diagnostics Instruments and Software
Optilite: Future of Special Protein Analysis
Quanta Lyser 2: Fully Automated Walk-away System for ELISA and IFA Methods
Quanta Lyser 3000: Fully Automated Walk-away system for ELISA and IFA Method
Bio-Flash: Fully Automated Random Access Chemiluminescent Analyser
NOVA View: Fully Automated IFA Microscope
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Pharmaceutical & Research Reagents and Kits
Molecular Biology Research Products
ELISA kits for Diabetes, Obesity & Cardiovascular Disease
Bacterial Endotoxin Tests/ LAL Reagents
Biological and Chemical Indicators
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Pharmaceuticals and Research Instruments
PK Flex: Turbidimetric and Chromogenic Kinetic Quantitative Endotoxin Testing System
Automated Antibiotic Zone Readers
KII/PKII Ultracentrifuge: Process development and Small Scale Production
Automatic Egg Harvester
Automatic Egg Inoculator
Tissue Homogenization Set
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Management Team

Mr. Anuj Wahi
Managing Director

Anuj Wahi, 38, is the Vice-Chairman & Managing Director of KHC Healthcare India Private Limited and Co-Founder & President of KanHealthcare, effective November 9th, 2005.

Anuj co-founded this business in end of 2005, a business model he thought for executing in India when he was 25 years old and was working in USA as Product Manager for Aesculap, a division of B.Braun, a USD 7 billion global organization and was controlling products for entire American market for Neurosurgery and Spine surgery contributing revenues in excess of USD 60 million for the organization in 2004. He also had brief stints in USA working in sales, marketing and general management roles with increased responsibility at B.Braun Medical and General Electric, a USD 100 billion global organization. He worked in these organizations in USA for the top management including some special marketing and sales projects for Directors, VP, Sales & Marketing and CEO through research, strategic planning and business plan execution. His work was very well appreciated by all which is evident from series of recommendation letters he received from his management team in USA.

Starting from scratch and nil sales in 2005, under Anuj's leadership; KHC has transformed itself from a start-up operation in 2005 to a scale up operation and aiming to have sales revenues in excess of USD 15 million in India by 2020. Annual sales revenues continue to grow by 20% plus year on year basis.

Anuj's responsibility is to increase sales revenues, margins, and profits. He also keeps a sharp eye on costs and overheads. He is also responsible for improving customer experience, employee engagement, distribution network and strengthening relationships with all foreign associates all over the world which KHC represents on exclusive and long term basis in the Indian market.

He leads all 3 business verticals - Clinical Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals (QC, R&Ds, CROs) & Life Sciences and is also responsible for the P/L for the entire organization. He is also responsible for forming new strategic alliances with all foreign associates who are world leaders in their respective fields. His strength lies in teamwork, sustainable revenue and profit growth, establishing processes, resource planning, delegation and implementation/ execution of business plan.

Anuj manages 77 plus team members and distributors spread all over India. The department heads of sales & marketing, science, application, and technology, engineering services, finance & accounts, logistics & commercial, operations, regulatory, legal affairs, and HR and Administration report directly into him.

Anuj attributes the success of KanHealthcare to god, and the excellent valuable support from the founder of KanHealthcare, his team members, distributors, foreign principals whom KanHealthcare represents in the Indian market and all valued customers spread all over India who have confidence in using and utilizing products & services from KanHealthcare.

He is an alumnus of IIM, executive education program and holds an MBA from Dhalkemper School of Business, Gannon University, USA. He did his Bachelor's degree in Commerce from University of Delhi. He and his wife have 2 daughters.