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Diagnostic Reagents and Kits
Serum Free Light Chain Assay
Autoimmune Diagnostics using IFA
Autoimmune Diagnostics using ELISA
Infectious Diseases Serology
Catecholamines/ Neuroscience
Molecular Diagnostics Kits
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Diagnostics Instruments and Software
Optilite: Future of Special Protein Analysis
Quanta Lyser 2: Fully Automated Walk-away System for ELISA and IFA Methods
Quanta Lyser 3000: Fully Automated Walk-away system for ELISA and IFA Method
Bio-Flash: Fully Automated Random Access Chemiluminescent Analyser
NOVA View: Fully Automated IFA Microscope
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Pharmaceutical & Research Reagents and Kits
Molecular Biology Research Products
ELISA kits for Diabetes, Obesity & Cardiovascular Disease
Bacterial Endotoxin Tests/ LAL Reagents
Biological and Chemical Indicators
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Pharmaceuticals and Research Instruments
PK Flex: Turbidimetric and Chromogenic Kinetic Quantitative Endotoxin Testing System
Automated Antibiotic Zone Readers
KII/PKII Ultracentrifuge: Process development and Small Scale Production
Automatic Egg Harvester
Automatic Egg Inoculator
Tissue Homogenization Set
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Promoters & Management

Mr. Vinod Wahi
Chairman & CEO

An alumnus of Delhi University, where he did his Graduation in Chemistry (Hons.) and Post Graduation in Sales and Marketing from Faculty of Management Studies, Mr. Vinod Wahi is the Chairman & CEO of KHC Healthcare India Private Limited and Founder & CEO of KanHealthcare, effective Nov 9, 2005.

Mr. Wahi initiated and created the concept of Clinical Diagnostics in early 70's to bring in a revolutionary change in performing laboratory investigations in India. For this, he was trained extensively by Boehringer Mannheim in different parts of world, including his stay at Boehringer Mannheim, Montreal, Canada for many months.

Mr. Wahi travelled extensively all over India to create strong awareness on advancement in Diagnostics and developed a dependable infrastructure to create customers confidence. Rapid acceptances of advanced technology then lead competitors to enter Indian Market. He served Boehringer Mannheim, subsequently acquired by Roche, for many years as its General Manager, Diagnostics and was also on the board of BMK to take up manufacturing of Diagnostic Reagents and Equipment.

Starting from nil sales, Boehringer Mannheim, under his leadership as the Country Head,, reached US $ 6.0 million in India when he decided to move to Delhi from Mumbai to join Wipro Biomed as its CEO, India in March 1990.

Mr. Wahi replicated the Business Model and added the concept of "Scientific Marketing" to focus on training, presence in referral Hospitals & Institutions and winning projects at premium over competitors. He diversified into clinical diagnostics, medical and life sciences by having alliances with world leaders and focussed extensively on Beckman Coulter, Fujinon, Hewlett Packard (Agilent) and Promega. He also added Mission Quality by implementation of 6 sigma and toll free call centre.

Once again, starting from scratch, under his leadership, sales of Wipro Biomed continued to grow and reached US $ 17.0 million in India in the year 2005-06, when he decided to set up his own organization by synthesizing his 3 decades of learning to develop KHC Healthcare India Private Limited & KanHealthcare as of the best Organizations to work for.

Mr. Wahi is a hands-on business leader who believes in team work and continues to spend 30% of his time visiting hospitals, life science institutions, Pharma organizations and referral laboratories all over the country. He is fanatical in addressing customer's requirement to encourage maximum utilization of improved technology, customer delight, care for his team, rapid and sustainable revenue and profit growth to stay ahead of competition