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Diagnostic Reagents and Kits
Polyclonal Serum Freelite Chain Assay from "The Binding Site, UK" recommended by IMWG
Vaccine Trial Kits
Infectious Diseases Serology
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Diagnostics Instruments and Software
Optilite: Special Protein Analyser
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Pharmaceutical & Research Reagents and Kits
Antibodies for vast Life Science Research Segments
Idiotypic Antibodies for Biotherapeutics and Biosimilar Products
Bacterial Endotoxin Assays - LAL Reagents
PyroSmart NextGen: Recombinant Cascade Reagent
Biological and Chemical Indicators
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Pharmaceuticals and Research Instruments
PK Flex: Turbidimetric and Chromogenic Kinetic Quantitative Endotoxin Testing System
KII: cGMP Production Scale Manufacturing Linear Scalability to expertly perform in FDA approved processes for the manufacture of viral vaccines, particulate proteins, gene therapies and nanostructures
PKII: cGMP Pilot Scale Manufacturing or process development studies or production scale output with one rotor system
AW Promatix 1000: Research & Development Linear Scalability designed to develop protocols for the separation, fractionation and concentration of viral vectors, virus-like particles, viruses, viral and bacterial vaccines, macromolecules and cellular organelles
AFH: Automated Fluid Handling Linear Scalability which fully automates and standardizes the critical process of fluid filling and fractionation in a self-contained mobile work station
Automatic Harvester
Automatic Inoculator
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KHC Healthcare India Private Limited is one of the fastest growing healthcare organizations in India.

We attribute our growth and success to our Kanians spread all over India to cover the lengths and breadths of our great nation India.

Our people are our most valuable asset. We are committed to hiring exceptionally talented people and nurture them professionally. Our multi-dimensional work environment offers high growth opportunities through challenging roles with clear responsibilities and the opportunity to work on a variety of assignments. At KHC Healthcare India Private Limited, our employees are provided with opportunities to enhance their strategic thinking, critical thinking, analytical thinking, technical skill set in the department they work in, commercial skill set in the department they work in, administration and general management skill sets in the department they work in and soft skills through continuous training and development programmes by applying innovation and out of box thinking and brain exercise on daily basis.

We also offer product trainings abroad at our manufacturer's site all over the world to our sales team, marketing team, product management team, application team and engineering services team.

As an employee of KHC Healthcare, you will work with an inspiring, approachable and visionary management team and a great leadership team. Our open, enabling and trust-based and transparent work culture will offer you an exciting environment to work and grow.

We have following departments at KHC Healthcare where you can always apply:

  1. Sales & Marketing Department - Sales & Marketing professionals
  2. Products & Application Department - Scientific & Application professionals
  3. Engineering Services Department - Engineering professionals
  4. Finance, Accounts & Operations Department - Finance & Accounting professionals
  5. Logistics & Commercial Department - Supply Chain Management professionals
  6. Government Tenders & IT Management - Tender experts & IT professionals
  7. Regulatory & Legal Affairs
  8. Human Resources & Administration - HR professionals & Administration front office/ secretarial professionals

As India's fastest growing Healthcare organization, we always have many vacancies open in all our departments as mentioned above, and in-case your profile matches our requirement, our HR Team will get in touch with you to arrange the first round of telephonic interview for screening, and, thereafter the second round of in-person interview with various members of our Leadership Team at KHC Healthcare and then, the final short listed candidates for the final interview with our Management Team at KHC Healthcare.

Please feel free to send us your email mentioning in which department you would like to join as mentioned above, and write something about yourself in the email and attach your detailed CV/Resume and send us the same at info@kanhealthcare.com for quick revert.