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Diagnostic Reagents and Kits
Polyclonal Serum Freelite Chain Assay from “The Binding Site, UK” recommended by IMWG
Vaccine Trial Kits
Autoimmune Diagnostics using IFA
Autoimmune Diagnostics using ELISA
Infectious Diseases Serology
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Diagnostics Instruments and Software
Optilite: Special Protein Analyser
QUANTA-Lyser 3000: Fully Automated ELISA/IFA Processor with 6 plates, 4 probes and ability to read barcoded reagents
NOVAView: Integrated Autoimmune Lab containing Automated Digital IFA Microscope, with digital imaging system that reads and archives images of IFA-stained slides
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Pharmaceutical & Research Reagents and Kits
Antibodies for vast Life Science Research Segments
Idiotypic Antibodies for Biotherapeutics and Biosimilar Products
Bacterial Endotoxin Assays – LAL Reagents
Biological and Chemical Indicators
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Pharmaceuticals and Research Instruments
PK Flex: Turbidimetric and Chromogenic Kinetic Quantitative Endotoxin Testing System
KII: cGMP Production Scale Manufacturing Linear Scalability to expertly perform in FDA approved processes for the manufacture of viral vaccines, particulate proteins, gene therapies and nanostructures
PKII: cGMP Pilot Scale Manufacturing or process development studies or production scale output with one rotor system
AW Promatix 1000: Research & Development Linear Scalability designed to develop protocols for the separation, fractionation and concentration of viral vectors, virus-like particles, viruses, viral and bacterial vaccines, macromolecules and cellular organelles
AFH: Automated Fluid Handling Linear Scalability which fully automates and standardizes the critical process of fluid filling and fractionation in a self-contained mobile work station
Automatic Harvester
Automatic Inoculator
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KHC Healthcare continues to have growing number of Client Testimonials sharing their delight with our professional level of pre and post, sales, marketing, application, servicing, robust supply chain and supporting them at all times for optimum utilization of our quality products thereby continuously demonstrating their confidence in our organization by giving us repeat business and a large client base of over 2500 clients located all over India.

Below are some of recommendations our Vice-Chairman & Managing Director received during his work experience of 3 years when he was working in USA on his H-1B work permit visa allocated only to highly qualified and talented non-immigrant specialists for 3 years in following global organizations operating in USA.

Recomendation from Manager, Market Research at B
Posted On : January 18, 2010  
Posted By : Dinnen.M.Zimmer, Manager,Market Research, B Braun MEdical Inc.
Recomendation from Coordinator, Dhalkemper School of Business, USA
Posted On : January 18, 2010  
Posted By : Duane.R.Prokop, Coordinator , Dhalkemper School
Recomendation from Manager, Marketing & Sales at GE, USA
Posted On : January 18, 2010  
Posted By : James.G.Siplon, MAnager,Locomotive Parts Marketing and Sales, GE Transportation Systems
Recomendation from Group Product Director, Spine at Aesculap, USA
Posted On : January 18, 2010  
Posted By : Jeffery.L.Cole, , Group Product Director,Spine Marketing
Recomendation from Sr Product Manager, Neuro at Aesculap, USA
Posted On : January 18, 2010  
Posted By : Roland Block, Sr. Product Manager, Hydrocepahalus Mgt. & Power Systems

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This page with our client recommendations is under construction as the files are so heavy that we need to upgrade our server to allocate a very heavy storage space to accommodate all on our website.