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Diagnostic Reagents and Kits
Serum Free Light Chain Assay
Autoimmune Diagnostics using IFA
Autoimmune Diagnostics using ELISA
Infectious Diseases Serology
Catecholamines/ Neuroscience
Molecular Diagnostics Kits
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Diagnostics Instruments and Software
Optilite: Future of Special Protein Analysis
Quanta Lyser 2: Fully Automated Walk-away System for ELISA and IFA Methods
Quanta Lyser 3000: Fully Automated Walk-away system for ELISA and IFA Method
Bio-Flash: Fully Automated Random Access Chemiluminescent Analyser
NOVA View: Fully Automated IFA Microscope
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Pharmaceutical & Research Reagents and Kits
Molecular Biology Research Products
ELISA kits for Diabetes, Obesity & Cardiovascular Disease
Bacterial Endotoxin Tests/ LAL Reagents
Biological and Chemical Indicators
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Pharmaceuticals and Research Instruments
PK Flex: Turbidimetric and Chromogenic Kinetic Quantitative Endotoxin Testing System
Automated Antibiotic Zone Readers
KII/PKII Ultracentrifuge: Process development and Small Scale Production
Automatic Egg Harvester
Automatic Egg Inoculator
Tissue Homogenization Set
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Customer Support

With a view to ensure optimum utilization of world class technology, KHC Healthcare is committed to provide improved services to all our customers to their complete satisfaction.

KHC Healthcare has a team of professionals involved in scientific marketing, selling and servicing of specialized products. Field team is completely integrated with support team in Scientific, Engineering Finance, Accounts, Operations, and Logistics & Commercial & HR Departments.

Utmost attention is given to this highly qualified, experienced, talented team and aggressively addresses their training requirement in all parts of the world where our foreign associates are located so as to provide an environment to learn & contribute, achieve customer delight towards rapid and sustainable growth of KHC Healthcare.

KHC Healthcare has developed a strong distribution network all over India to ensure uninterrupted supply of our products across the country. Special care is maintained at each level of distribution to ensure high quality product range and timely availability of products to our all customers. Our distribution team ensures that cold chain is effectively maintained throughout the distribution network till the time it is delivered to end users at the required temperature.

For any inquiries or complaints kindly contact us on info@kanhealthcare.com